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Antifungal, Antispasmodic, Depurative, Diuretic, Phytoestrogen, Tonic


Medicinal Uses:

Bronchitis, Cancer Prevention, Female Hormones, Longevity Tonics, Menopause, Osteoporosis


Trifolium pratense, is an herbaceous, short-lived perennial plant and a member of the Fabaceae family.Red clover varies greatly in size—its height can range from roughly 8 inches to 2 1/2 feet. It produces alternate, trifoliate (with three leaflets) leaves. The leaflets are green with a characteristic pale crescent in the outer half of the leaf; they measure roughly 15–30 mm long and 8–15 mm broad. The petiole (leafstalk) is 1–4 cm long, with a pair of basal stipules.

Also Known As:
Red clover

Red Clover

1 Ounce
  • Organic Certified

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