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Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, AntiViral, Depurative, Emetic, Immunostimulant


Medicinal Uses:

Candida/Yeast, Colds, Ear, Immune, Insect/Flea Bites, Sinus, Sore Throat


Echinacea is a perennial of the Asteraceae family with smooth, 2-5 ft. stems and long-lasting, lavender flowers. Rough, scattered leaves that become small toward the top of the stem. Flowers occur singly atop the stems and have domed, purplish-brown, spiny centers and drooping, lavender rays. Flower has purple (rarely white), drooping rays surrounding a spiny, brownish central disk.

Also Known As:
Echinacea, snake root, purple coneflower, eastern purple coneflower.


1 Ounce
  • Organic Certified

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