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What a year!

Happy New Year 2024! What a year it's been! We've had so many exciting things happen this year as I hope you all have had as well. Just for making it through the year, give yourself grace... and a pat on the back. We have so much more to share with you all and we've just been getting started in 2023. We opened a space at The Painted Tree location off of Hull Street and that has been an amazing venture so far. We still have our resident Master Herbalist (Evie Villarreal) and now as of December 2023, we have our Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (Erika Riddle). Moving forward in 2024, we are gearing up to open our SECOND LOCATION at The Painted Tree. This will be located in Glen Allen off Broad Street. They are still in the renovation phase and we do not have an opening date yet, but will keep you posted as construction progresses. We will continue to offer the best in organic herbs, teas, and spices, as well as our new local organic honey, and all of the accessories you will need. We will begin to expand our wellness journey with you to offer more of our organic soaps, and essential oils, as well as new recipe cards for the spices we carry and herbal education and information. We will be posting these on our blog as well as carrying printed takeaway cards in-store. We are so excited about our progress over the past year and look forward to our continued relationship with existing and new customers, seekers, and friends! Happy New Year to all and we look forward to another happy and healthy year with you!

Erika and Evie



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